Charges apply for each day or part of a day that your pet is with us

This includes both the day of arrival and day of departure.

Daily charges are double for Bank Holidays.

My opening hours are determined by Babergh District Council with whom I have my licence. They are in place to minimise noise and other disruption to my neighbours.  That is why we ask that pets are dropped off and picked up at least 30 minutes before we close.
Whilst I am happy to make exceptions for new customers who get lost, or those who encounter unexpected traffic or weather conditions, as stated in my Terms & Conditions those who regularly turn up out of hours will be subject to a £30 surcharge.



£933per day

Two Sharing

£1390per day


£1970per day
All prices include food, VAT, insurance and heating.



£1425per day

Two Sharing

£2432per day


£3032per day


£3320per day
All prices include food, VAT, insurance and heating.

Dog Bathing

Terrier Size






Dog Exercising

If you feel that your dog would benefit from more than our standard 2 lead walks per day, please ask about our service, now approved by our insurers, to walk dogs off site, on lead, on our local footpaths.

Subject to risk assessment, your dog may be walked on its own or with others of suitable temperament, age and agility. Ask for prices

View Grooming Prices


Cats: Annual vaccination for Flu, Enteritis & Leukaemia

Dogs: Annual vaccinations are required. Although we don’t require Kennel Cough, we do strongly recommend it.

If we haven’t seen you since your dog was last vaccinated, we ask that you bring the certificate with you in order that we can keep our records updated.

Day Care

We are also able to offer day care facilities for your pet. Please contact us for more information.

We appreciate the trust you have to put in us by bringing your pet(s) to Copdock Kennels and Cattery. Rest assured every effort will be made to give your pet a safe and happy holiday.