Our Kennels & Cattery

The kennels & cattery are clean, secure and comfy, offering warm, professional and caring accommodation for your pet while you are away. We believe they provide a safe and well equipped environment. We have a number of staff who interact with your pets daily to ensure they are happy and well cared for.

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We have two catteries, the main one is an indoor cattery with 15 pens – some double and some single. An outdoor cattery was erected in 2011 which some owners prefer. Although outdoors it is still within a secure environment and, again, has some double and some single accommodation. As this unit has no heating, it is only available during the summer months.

Pens are checked twice a day on each shift and each pen is cleaned as frequently as necessary. Where they will permit it, the cats are stroked and handled. Some cats prefer not to interact until they settle down but we will make sure their stay is as comfortable and happy as possible. Each cat is an individual and will be treated according to their needs.

Every dog is kennelled and walked individually in our own enclosed paddock. Where there is more than one dog from the same family they are usually kennelled and walked together unless you prefer otherwise. Please let us know on booking if you do not wish them to be together so that we can plan accordingly as it is not always possible to provide a separate kennel at the last minute. We are happy to take unneutered dogs and your dog if she is due to be in season but please give us as much notice as possible so we can make suitable arrangements.

What To Bring

  • Food

    Whilst it is not possible to stock every food available we do stock a large selection of dog & cat foods, including some puppy/kitten varieties.

    If your dog or cat has a special diet, specific needs or simply gets upset by a change of diet, we are happy to feed their own food if you – and they – prefer.  Please talk to us as early as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

  • Tablets & Medications

    Labelled tablets and medications may be brought in with instructions of when and how to be administered and we can give injections such as insulin for diabetic dogs. Each pet is an individual and each needs to be assessed and treated according to their needs.

  • Toys & Bedding

    We provide vet bed, a cat bed and blanket for each cat and can provide quilts for older dogs or in cold weather. Each pen & kennel can be individually heated in the colder weather so we can keep them snug.  We will wash the bedding if it becomes damp/dirty.

    Toys and scratching posts are available and if you wish to bring in familiar things from home to help them settle we will encourage you to bring them too.  Just don’t bring anything too precious as all items are left at the owners’ risk.

Other Information

It helps us care for your cat & dogs if you can give us as much information about them as possible such as age, preferred food (in case we need to tempt the appetite until they settle down), any medical history or recent medication.

It is also important that we know the name of the veterinary practice you use and an emergency contact number, for yourself or a representative. You may also wish to consider whether you want me to contact the vet in case of an emergency or talk to you first.

If an animal becomes unwell in our care we will try to use your vet if we can but if, for whatever reason, that is not possible, we will get your pet emergency care as swiftly as possible.

As an extra service, we do offer to bathe your dog. Please read our terms